Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Today's Trivia


- I did not have the baby. Yet. ( There are still a few hours left of today.)

- I went to the chiropractor with Penny - and then to Panera on the way home! Yesssss!

- I was asked by a neighborhood little boy if I was "Charlie's Mom." ( Charlie = Grandpa.)

- I wore slippers to Wednesday night meeting at church. They were more comfortable than the alternative. No one seemed to mind.

- On our way home, we stopped at Target to get more jelly bellies for Charli-dolls. I felt like a hoodlum in my slippers. The woman at the cash register stood there for a solid minute after the transaction went through, checking out the flavors of jelly beans on the back of the bag. " Ooo- Dr. Pepper! That's a good one! Ooooh- Toasted Marshmallow..." I felt bad for the people behind us.


Philbo n Julie said...

Have u been walking alot? ma b u will wake up the kid n he will want out!

Philip n I r checking your blog regularly. We all miss you.

Philip and Julie

Shari said...

Come on out, wee one! We're all waiting for you. It's time. :-)

kw said...


As much as I'm looking frwd to your delivery,i am sad to think that as a result we prob won't see you much on yer blog...PROVE ME WRONG!