Wednesday, December 12, 2007

You know you're getting close when... buy milk with the same expiration date as your due date.

...a passing employee at Rite Aid tells you to hurry up your shopping before you go into labor because she doesn't "do" emergencies very well...and then proceeds to tell you all about her childbirth experiences.

...your sister-in-law sets up your Christmas tree for you because you can't do it yourself! Thanks, Pen! So far, Stan hasn't toppled it.

...the junk mail inserts that fell out of the National Geographic are still on the floor because you can't reach them. Liane, I think I need Grandpa's handy li'l old-people grabbing device thingy.
( I mean, the device that old people use. Not a device that grabs old people. That sounds like something out of Far Side...)'s too much work to get the vegetables out of the crisper drawer at the bottom of the fridge.( Another place where "The Grabber" would come in handy.)'s too much work to get out of bed.'s too much work to do ANYTHING.


KJ said...

Hehehe... Blessings on you dear Claire! I've been thinking of you and already doing some praying (partly because I don't remember when your due date is, so for all I know you're already having the baby - although now I know you haven't...)!
Some how Elizabeth already thought you had your baby and it was a girl... I set her straight on that one :) Trust it all goes well!!

ljmax said...

Uggh...and shoes, that's another chore, getting those things on.

Claire said...

KJ- my due date is the 22nd.

Liane- Yeah- even my old used-to-be-too big crocs are getting difficult to put on...and they leave weird, diseased, alien-looking circles on my feet.

Amy said...

Oh my. I imagine more people than you'd like are happy to share their birthing experiences with you. How...delightful.

You could just wear slippers all the time...big, fuzzy ones. I'm sure anyone who's been pregnant/lived with a pregnant person would understand. And anyone who doesn't, well, they can help you put your shoes on.

I enjoyed Philip's concern about your not having a name for your baby. :)

Kristi said...

As a lady in our church says, "This, too, shall pass." Heh heh, that can work as a pun, too! After announcing my courtship, one friend punned, "And it came to Pass in those days..." Har har.

lis said...

Woo! (And woohoo!)

Praying for you!