Saturday, December 29, 2007

Update from the Nursery

Things are going well. Aiden was more peaceful and less fussy last night so I got a little more sleep than I had the other nights. Hurray. It's amazing how fast your perspective of sleep can change. Last week, two hours of sleep in a row was nothing - now it's a life-saving, world-altering luxury. Brad has been a fantastic hero in that department.

It makes my heart sing and cry for joy at the same time to see what a wonderful father Brad is. Not that I'm really surprised - but you never know quite what to expect- he hasn't had a whole lot of experience with infants up to this point in his life. It is a delight to see how in love he is with our little boy. He loves to hold Aiden, take pictures of him, doesn't complain when he cries at night and has already changed more diapers than some fathers change in their whole lives. He went out yesterday and got some pictures printed and got a little mini-album so he could take them into work ( today was his first day back) and show off our son. He claims that he heard Aiden say his first word today: isthmus. Ah, yes. That's our boy, displaying his top-notch vocab skills already.

So- yes. Things are going well. I feel very loved and cared for - so many people have been helping out and supporting us. It is so nice to have members of both our families close by. We are blessed.


Amy said...

Isthmus? of Panama? He's a baby genius!! :) Or maybe it was 'isthmas, like Christmas.

Either way, I'm sure Brad will get so much work done around the telling and retelling of Aiden's First 24 Hours and Beyond. :)

Glad to hear *something* made it worth the labor pains. ;)

Shari said...

Brad and Brent are very alike. He has changed a gazillion diapers and loves Maisy with all of his heart and soul. I have a friend who's husband loves their daughter, but isn't very attentive. I would be so sad if that was the case. We are blessed.

Claire said...

Amy- that's exactly what I said: it was probably "Christmas." :)

Shari - I think it helps that Brad is a little older than some first time fathers and therefore maybe a little more appreciative. Not that 30 is very old...'s not 20!

Shari said...

Yeah, but it's also the personality type. And maturity. Because my friend is 38, like me, and her hubby is not very "hands on." Sad. We married good guys. :-)

Btw, Brent just laughed hysterically when I read him the isthmus part. Hee.