Friday, July 22, 2005

Close Call: Lunchtime DiveBombing

Well, it's been a pretty good, quiet, calm week at work. I'll list a few of the things I did just to make some of you jealous: today I painted, and played games ( Life, Rummy...), and yesterday I watched a Three Stooges and an Abbott and Costello movie. Yes- I got paid to watch movies, play and paint -- and the girls have been well behaved, for the most part. I figure that times like this are compensation for other times when things are horrendously stressful at the Shelter.

My pessimistic nature warns me that this must be the calm before the storm...But next week, several staff - not including me- are taking several girls up to Maine for three days on a special camping trip. So there should be only a few girls left and we should have an easy, fun time of it...KNOCK ON WOOD! And then, next Thursday night, Brad and I leave on our three day vacation to Vermont. Huzzah!!

So-- today, I sat out at the picnic table eating my lunch with the other staff. Suddenly, there was a plop, and a messy deposit of bird excrement landed about half an inch from my plate. I was somewhat startled and a bit horrified. I looked up and "thanked" my now invisible benefactor. The nerve! The creatures are getting a little uppity these days.

It reminded me of the Far Side which presented a bird's eye view of the world, in which the tops of people's heads wore targets...I could just imagine this bird zeroing in on my head, and saying to himself, "Well, if I miss the head, at least I'll have a good chance of getting her lunch plate!" Well- ha hAAAAA- you missed em' both, buddy! *shakes her fist*


maldrich said...

So glad to hear that your lunch was spared the embarassment! That happened to my Grandma once, on the head, and it was the only time in my life I have ever heard her curse! Such "grossness" is not to be tolerated!

asaphat said...

I can think of someone who must have an especially large target on her head...if my memory is correct, she got hit like three times her first week in Israel (maybe they were just close calls), and one of them was INDOORS!!! In the lobby of a hotel where some birds apparently lived. Ya know, just when you least expect it. But far be it from me to disclose her identity.

Kristi said...

I recently had a bird leave a deposit on my white t-shirt while I was napping in the shade outside. You'd think he sat in the tree and aimed or something! The nerve of the cheeky fellow!