Friday, July 01, 2005

I regret that I have but one blog...but I'm having enough trouble coming up with stuff to write for just this one...

I have been in a distinct malaise. Nothing has tempted me to blog. So, a wild turkey ran in front of me on my way to work...Big deal, last week it was a bear. So, a woman bumped her car door into my passenger side mirror while I was in the car at Hannafords...and she drove away like nothing happened and I was enraged. Story goes nowhere. I took the girls swimming...I took them to Keene State's art gallery amidst a torrential downpour. Big whoop. One of the dogs at work found its' way into one of the girls' bedrooms and made off with an undergarment which it could not be persuaded to part with...I thought it would be too inappropriate to write about it. So I didn't. No really- I didn't! I know it sounds like I just did, but no, I didn't. I plunged the toilet in the girls' bathroom at work, sorted unutterably foul smelling recyclables at work, played badminton at work, ate fantastic Muddy Buddies snacks until I was almost covered with confectioners' sugar... at work... Not riveting! Got paid to watch Willy Wonka with the girls? I don't want to make everyone else jealous. ( I love the Oompa Loompas.) I dreamed I was flying helicopters and assassinating drug lords with poisoned darts...? Nah, nobody wants to read about that. It was Liane's birthday this parent's 35th anniversary...Sorry. I love them tons and tons but I couldn't stir up any energy to write. Maybe 'twas the heat n' humidity that sapped my strength.

But I must bestir myself before any more time goes by. I can't let this blahness get the better of me. I must...uh...conquer it.

If you ever want to see Brad convulsed in loud laughter, contrive to be in a situation where you can talk upside down to him. If he's reclining in a chair, or lazing on a hammock or somesuch thing ( which he never has time to do, but this is purely hypothetical), come up behind him and peer over the top of his head so that you are upside down to him...and then talk...or better yet, make faces. This is a sure-fire way to send him into hysterics. I don't know why. I just did it and he gasped, amidst roars of laughter, " being tortured at Gitmo..."


Well, that's the best I can come up with right now. Malaise- be gone.


KJ said...

I thought of you Claire, as I was helping out at the girls' week on Monday and Tuesday. We went to Gloucester and I was left in charge of most of them for a short time as they climbed about on Bass Rocks. I sat up on the wall by the road and felt grown up and mature (or something) and thought of you overseeing your girls at work while they meandered about and did what ever on their field trips. But unlike you, my girls weren't much of a problem for me. So thanks for your posts about your girls so that I could have something to think about besides whether or not any of my girls would fall and break a bone on the rocks. :)

Me said...


karena said...

Hi Claire
Arthur is helping me write this...I liked the picture I got of Brad
getting hysterical seeing you upside down. Charlie gets like that when I do certain faces, but I kind of forget how to do it since it's been so long. Anyway, glad you are getting out of your malaise as we all depend on you for our blog sustenance.

DJ said...

Malaisebegone. Sounds like an infomercial.

And now, for only 19.99, a 20oz bottle of maliasebegone, and if you call in the next 30 seconds, we will send you another bottle, ABSOLUTELY free!!! BUT WAIT, we will ALSO throw in this handy dandy button colorer. Now YOU TOO can look just like the stars!

And look Claire, lots of people used the word "sustenance"! Hurray for us!!!!!