Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Music from Out of the Void

Brad was online at the Outback Steakhouse website yesterday. We were both sitting here in the quiet living room, and suddenly there were about four or five notes of panpipe music that came out of the blue. I knew exactly what it was- the theme music/restaurant jingle of Outback, the kind of thing that automatically plays when you go to their website- but Brad is apparently ignorant of such trivia...because he freaked OUT.

It was so funny to watch him- his eyes got all bugged out and huge. He didn't know WHERE that music had come from. He was sitting in the chair with the laptop but the speakers were behind the chair... so the music came from behind him and he was completely disoriented.

He said later that he thought maybe someone was in our garage and that their cell phone had gone off. I think it's so funny how our brains can construct a scenario in about two seconds to respond to some stimuli that we can't immediately identify. Maybe you had to be here to appreciate it- but it was wickedly funny.

Every time I think about it, I am reduced to a helpless, cackling jelly.


Avalanche Cowpoke said...

Uuuuuh---a helpless cackling Jelly??? This would be worth saddlin' up Ol' 'Lanche and ridin' fer three days clear over the mountain in the worst snowstorm o' the year to see!!!

karena said...

That sounds like something that regularly happens at our house as I am one who loves to surf..and except that there is no fear involved..only annoyance:)

Amy said...

That's too funny!! ...mostly because it sounds like something I would do...or perhaps even have done. But it wasn't my fault...when I was in grade school, I was eating supper at a friend's house. All of the sudden I heard a kitten mewing. At first I ignored it, but it happened again, and again...so I finally felt so bad for the kitty that I said something. (It hadn't occurred to me to wonder why no one else seemed concerned.) I suggested we go find the kitty "because it sounds hurt!" (Again, I was in grade school.) When my friend's dad saw that I was becoming traumatized, he purposefully made the mewing sound again when I was looking at him. I never trusted him again after that. :)

Amy said...

And wow, you looked up my topic!! That's too awesome!! I *am* going to use that in my paper. I only hope I can wade through it! Thank you!! I only wish you could have seen my happy little smile when I read your comment. :)