Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Weeding Extravaganzaaaaa

I got a call from OfficeTeam ( a temp agency I have used in the past) the other day to come in for a re-evaluation of my skills. I thought I should print out directions and drive up to Atlanta Sunday afternoon to scout out the area since I'm not familiar with it. I loathe finding new places under pressure. So I found the right street, but I found myself entering the Delta compound of the airport...I drove all around and finally gave up. I drove south and dropped in on Brad at the store; I told him about my problem, and his co-worker, Steve asked, " Where were you going?" and I told him. He started laughing. He got on the phone to his wife...who, as it turns out... works at Office Team...and is in fact, the woman who was scheduled to interview me. We couldn't stop laughing. She told me what building to go to...one which I had driven around at least twice...Small world, huh? And I was just telling someone recently that it's different down here b/c I don't have the same sort of "networking" thing that I did in N.H...

So I went up yesterday and it all went well. Hopefully something will turn up in the way of a temp job. Hurray...Because I need to do something different soon. It's very difficult for me to function making my own structure for extended periods of time. I do much better when structure is imposed upon me.

So...you're probably wondering why weeding is in the title of the post...Has she got a job weeeeding?

Last evening I started weeding out the little patch of dirt around our mailbox. The next door neighbor girl- Clay's little sister- about six years old- came out and started pulling weeds with me. Then she called out to her little friend at the next house down and she came over and started pulling weeds too! Eventually two other of her siblings came over and attacked the weeds...all the while having a great time, talking, laughing, ooohing and aahhing over worms and a dead frog we found. I was amazed that these kids just volunteered to help me. When I was that age, my parents had to PAY me to pull weeds in the garden. ( I remember Daddy said I could have a penny for every weed I picked. I think my ambition extended to about a dollar...)

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karena said...

Ahhh those were the days...weeding, watering...tomato worms etc all manner of slave labor. haha. Did us good, I s'pose.