Monday, March 27, 2006

That Turner Team!

Last night I dreamed that I went to China with the Turner family. Well, in the dream, their name wasn't The Turners...but it was them just the same. We were in some bus station or airport or some such place and some woman came up and started asking me some questions. Her English was remarkably good; I was impressed. While we were talking, the Turners left without me! I remember being totally panic stricken, not knowing where to go. Alone! In China! The things nightmares are made of! Later in the dream, I sat alone in the dark airport/bus station and heard the Turners on a radio program. Apparently, they had all ended up in a very leaky tent and so I was sort of relieved that I hadn't stuck with them. I mean, come on...Who would take a damp tent when you could have a dark bus station in China all to yourself?

What does this dream signify? Does it signify that I feel abandoned? Does it confirm the age old truth your parents drilled into your head: "Don't talk to strangers!"? Does this mean I am being called to China as a missionary? Does it suggest that the Turners are a hasty bunch and not to be trusted? Does this prove the Proverb wrong, " Better a dish of vegetables in a lonely bus station, than the king's vittles in a leaky tent with The Turners." ?

( In reading this post to Brad before publication, he said, " At this point, I think you're high from illicit narcotics.")

Yes, I am thoroughly nuts.

I also dreamed that one of my front bottom teeth fell out. But not on the China trip. There would be NO interpreting that strange combination.

P.S. No Turners were harmed during the making of this post. In fact, I really like the Turners. Especially Ruth. I think Ruth must have tried to not leave me behind in the dream. But the rest of them must have just swept her along. There's no way of really knowing.


kate said...

:-) Grin!

Avalanche Cowpoke said...

Was it a bit of poorly digested cheese perhaps...? 8~)

asaphat said...

Hahaha...I'm amused that you like Ruth and said she must have been "swept along" by her family BECAUSE one of my most vivid memories of Ruth is when she stuck a broom in my eye!!! She was on roller-skates in her basement, and somehow thought it would be amusing to stick the pokey bristles of a broom in my eye. I still cringe at the memory. Good thing somebody likes her.

Claire said...

Ruth is a great mastermind of Capture the Flag tactics. She rules!

lis said...

I like Ruth!

And do have some funny dreams! :O)

Brenda Jo said...

Your dream made more sense than your interpretation. Go back to sleep.