Friday, April 15, 2005

This is rated UPC for its high content of Un-PC material

I brought our Madlibs down with us to Rhode Island this weekend...We just did a round of them with Nate, Penny, Andrea and Melissa. Here's our favorite: " George Washington, the Father of our skillet, was a very rancid man. When George was a superfluous boy, he took a spiderweb and chopped down his father's favorite cherry sushi. "Egads!" said his father. "Who has repulsed my rivulet?" Then he saw George holding a sharp emblem of slavery in his hand. "Father, " said George. " I cannot tell a lie. I did it with my little aborigine." His father smiled and patted young George on his drawbridge. "You are a very honest pony," he said, " and someday you may become the first mullet of the United States."

1 comment:

karena said...

You and your neverending madlibs!!
Andrew would have had something
relevant to say no doubt, in response
and in addition to your nonsense:))

Imagine how funny his blog would have been...