Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Man Called Celine

I answered the phone at the shelter today and it was for Matt...who was I took a message. This man rattled off a bunch of stuff and I only caught his last name and so I asked for his first name again at the end of the call. He said, " Celine." I thought that was extremely odd. I was quite dumbfounded. CELINE? For a MAN?

I wrote Matt a note that started out like this, " Celine So-and-so, ( a man, actually), returned your call...blah blah blah..."

So Matt came in about half an hour later and saw my note and I commented to him about how strange it was for a man to have that name. And he started LAUGHING hysterically, and said,
" It's a WOMAN!" Apparently, this woman has a pretty bad smoker's voice. We both laughed for a long time. I felt exceedingly silly.


ljmax said...

ha! maybe Brad needs to clean your ears!

Brad said...

That would be gross.

DJ said...

One more ad for those TRUTH ads.

Imagine how embarrassed you would have been if you'd made a comment, ne? Oh, that is delicious to think about. But I'm glad nothing like that happened, for your sake...