Thursday, June 23, 2005

Paid to get Whipped Into Shape

Well, the short version of the day is as follows: We went up the mountain, we came down the mountain, and we went to Kimballs for icecream. YAY!

The more detailed version is as follows: This morning, I had a bit of a sorethroat which was lingering from yesterday. I swallowed some cold medicine, hoping to alleviate the worst symptoms. When I got to work, I felt a bit woozy and out of it...and I suddenly wondered whether I had imbibed the NIGHT-TIME stuff or the DAY-TIME stuff. Big difference, there. ( I know, I know...cold medicine doesn't make you better- it just makes you FEEL better.) I had visions of myself stumbling up the mountain in a drowsy stupor. Fortunately, the wooziness cleared up as the morning progressed so it must have been the daytime stuff.

We had three staff members- including myself- and six girls on this hike up Mt. Monadnock. I wanted to groan as we were hardly a quarter of a mile up the mountain and the girls started asking how much further it was to the top and saying they were tired. I tried to distract them by playing a game of " When I went to California, I brought a..." We made it all the way to V before it petered out. Eventually, we all reached the top - and it was a gloriously sunny, perfect day, graced by refreshing breezes, and hardly any bugs. We had lunch sitting on the summit...I am a growing a bit weary of mashed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. ( Third day in a row for me on the field trip picnic circuit.)

I have a brilliant brain wave. A masseuse would make a FORTUNE at the top of the mountain. Or perhaps even more at the bottom...It's really the going down part that I hate. It's ten times harder than going up. Lower body turning to jelly and all that. My legs are going to be killing tomorrow. All my flab is screaming at me. But I got paid to climb the mountain, hey? Are you jealous? Gerry, eat your heart out! (And did I mention I got paid to go to Kimballs afterward!? Free icecream? Woo hoo! Let's replace all the calories we just burned off!) Often this job can be draining, but there are some pretty nice moments as well.


DJ said...

Whoohoo!! for NighQuill during the day!!! Don't you just love that slightly out of it feeling as you ooze thru the day? I wouldn't know about that...

ljmax said...

All your flab????

hesper48 said...

Paid to go to Kimball's? Sign me up! Oh wait a minute. Does that mean working where you do? Maybe I better not. I'm already crazy enough.

KMS said...

Sometimes I have that same problem: differentiating where works ends and fun begins. I know I'm working when I'm grading papers and brainstorming projects for a struggling LIT. But taking four LITs to the park? To ice cream? Or making frappuccinos for leaders' meetings? How about a tobogganing outing? Or a retreat in the woods? It's all work in that it's Responsibility. But it's fun in that it's People, and Happy Activities. So I am blessed to get paid for something I love to do (even if it's minimal, with room and board deducted :-)). Life is good.

Keith said...

I can relate. Just yesterday- after reading for hours, eating a nice meal, and taking a nap in a luxurious leather reclining seat (all in the air-conditioned comfort of my "office")- I commented to a coworker: "Now if I could just find a job that paid me to do all this...oh wait, I already have one!" And the best part: none of my flab is sore.

Shari said...

Hi Brad & Claire! I saw that you posted over on Grover's blog so I decided to come visit you!

I was laughing when I read about your interests because I happen to be obsessed with peanut butter (and I love computers and photography). Brent and I have been trying to hike every weekend to help in our battle against the pounds, and we keep saying that it would be great if someone would pay us to go hiking every day. I've been taking tons of pictures and would love to take some classes on nature photography, but who knows if I'll ever get paid for it.

I was reading some of your old posts and was laughing hysterically at the hypothetical cat names post. We do the same thing! We always wanted to name a cat Mostaccioli (as in the pasta). I can't remember any more right now (I KNEW I should have written them down).

Nice "meeting" you both! :-)

Karena said...

guess what? I have an American friend here who grew up
in Shelburne VT actually...that's where we went on vacation
on Lake Champlain, and anyway...she
had been to another Kimballs!! It's a chain!